About Sapna

Hello there, my name is Sapna Anand.


I am a mother of two, based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Cooking and baking were two activities I started to enjoy and discover a bit later in my life, until then it was just another chore. The interesting turn of events happened when I started focusing on myself and what I enjoy the most. I was so busy and engrossed in day to day activities of being a mother and a housewife, that in the process I forgot to pay attention to have fun. 


Living away from home (India) I missed my mother’s cooking a lot. I set out to experiment her recipes with what was available locally. This in turn prompted me to write a blog. I took this fun element to the next level by enrolling myself into Le Cordon Bleu to do Intensive Pastry course. Over time I tried all sorts of ventures related to food, teaching, catering, recipe writing etc.


This eventually led me to write my first cookbook “New Indian Kitchen” published by MPH. We now have a second addition to this title. This passion for cooking did not stop at the books, it went on to the creation of a cooking show on the Asian Food Network called “Fast Indian Cooking with Sapna”. The show also led to the second book with recipes from Season 1. 


In this journey over time I learned that only when you have fun, let go and enjoy what you do, new doors open to something exciting at every turn. My journey has just begun, teaching is my passion and I am hoping to share all my expertise and joy of cooking with you.


My family and friends have been my pillar and strength during this journey from the ups and the downs. Success cannot be weighed against anything solid, success to me is joy and peace when I am in my zone doing what I love the most. Feeding the soul with good food.


Like Robin Roberts says the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Even if I started late, I am glad I did. It’s that one message I want to share to all, it’s never too late to dream and work towards your goals. My dad aptly named me Sapna meaning Dream in Hindi and I have never stopped dreaming. 


With lots of love from my kitchen to yours. 




Sapna Anand 

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Prawn and Mango curry

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Mutton Vindalho

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Lamb Chop Curry

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